I believe in peace, bitch.

I am watching Firefly, the series, and it's absolutely delish despite that a summary of it would sound trite and ridiculous: disillusioned former resistance soldiers now turned cowboys in space. It's the kind of thing that sounds like a guilty pleasure at best but its execution is seldom good because people who like crap don't make wonderful crap. This is truly wonderful crap, in fact, it's just wonderful and it's more than worthwhile with three-dimensional characters, just the right amount of action and a steady flow of banter on top of a compelling story. I'm sad the show didn't last more than it did, because surely this is a sci-fi classic if there ever was one.

On the negative side I really dislike River Tam. I don't think her unique brand of spastic vulnerability is specially attractive. She really isn't worth the effort of tolerating even if she's a Sooper Dooper Seecrit Wepon who part-times as a Traumatized by the Government Pile of Fail. Please, put her back in the fridge and make her shut up. I'm told she grows on you but I'm thinking trench crotch foot. *shrugs*

Everyone else is really hot and I crush on them all (even the Reevers) .